3 Common Myths Surrounding Child Support in Charlotte, NC


Common Myths Surrounding Child Support in Charlotte, NC

Though divorce is definitely hard on the two people who were once involved in a loving marital relationship, they aren’t the only ones affected when children are in the picture. When parents can’t come to an agreement on how to raise their children after a separation, what follows is often a pretty complicated and distressing custody battle. Once custody has been established, either in mediation or court, the next step is to figure out arrangements for the payment of child support in Charlotte, NC.

Both parents will be legally responsible for supporting their children, but it’s an unfortunate and common occurrence for one parent to neglect this obligation. This is when a custodial parent may require help from the judicial system to receive a court-ordered payment that the other parent cannot easily ignore. In situations like this, many people turn to the family law experts at Emblem Legal for counsel regarding the collection of child support in Charlotte, NC.

However, before things can go any further, it’s important for clients to learn the truth about some of the more popular myths concerning child support that are still believed by many people.

Myth #1: The Issue of Child Support Will Be Worked Out in the Divorce

A lot of divorces turn out to be a nightmare, which makes both parties eager to be done with every aspect of it as quickly as possible. The reality when it comes to child custody and child support in Charlotte, NC, is that these issues aren’t generally worked out during the divorce itself. There are usually several other elements to resolve, which means that child support is usually put on hold until after the divorce has been finalized. In addition, there are various circumstances that can come up throughout a child’s life that will make it necessary to modify payments numerous times as needed.

Myth #2: Joint Custody Means No Child Support Payments

Another misconception is that if parents have joint custody then there is no need for either one to be paying child support in Charlotte, NC. Although there is the potential for this to happen, those instances are rare. It’s normal for one parent to make more than the other and be able to provide extra help with expenses to ensure that their children’s quality of life is as good as it can be. It’s also typical for children to spend more time with one parent than the other, even in circumstances of joint custody.

Myth #3: Child Support Should Be Enough to Cover Everything a Child Needs

There’s no disputing that raising a child properly is very costly. So, it’s unfair for the parent who is paying child support in Charlotte, NC to assume that these payments will be enough to cover absolutely every living expense a child requires. Payments should go to help pay for food, shelter, and clothing for the children, but there are many more things that will need to be paid for as well that parents must take into consideration. Additional costs may include schooling, braces, sports programs, health care, etc.

Battling with an ex-spouse is never an ideal situation, especially when a parent is simply trying to make sure their children are adequately provided for. Emblem Legal understands the legal process concerning child support in Charlotte, NC and is available to help parents get a sufficient support amount to ease some of the financial burden.