5 Tips to Remember When Dealing With Divorce and Family Law in Charlotte, NC

Understanding Family Law in Charlotte, NC

Divorce is never a pleasant circumstance for anyone. No matter the cause for a divorce or how civil the two involved parties are with one another, this is one of the most stressful kinds of situations a person can go through in the course of a lifetime. With numerous years of experience practicing family law in Charlotte, NC, the attorneys at Emblem Legal understand what it takes to assist clients in making a successful transition into a new chapter after such a big life change. Hiring a knowledgeable divorce attorney is the first step towards achieving a dissolution of marriage quickly and with as few complications as possible. In addition, clients should keep in mind a few other points that are essential in helping to move the process along smoothly when going through a divorce.

Do Not Rely on the Advice of Others

Unfortunately, divorce is not an uncommon practice. Because of this, it’s natural for a client to know family members, friends, and acquaintances that have been through one themselves. Many of these people will believe they are now experts on divorce and family law in Charlotte, NC, when in fact, that simply isn’t true. Every case is different and has its own elements to take into consideration. While turning to others for words of encouragement and support is recommended, it’s a good idea to leave the legal counsel up to a professional attorney. 

Keep an Open Line of Communication With Your Attorney

For an attorney to represent a client as best they possibly can, it’s important that they know the whole story about the relationship and the events leading up to the divorce. Even if a client feels embarrassed about certain things, it’s better not to have it come out later and put the attorney in a position where they are taken by surprise and not properly prepared to diffuse the implications of the information. Being anything but completely open and honest can really damage a case and ruin the chances of a positive outcome.

Be Prepared to Hand Over All Relevant Documentation

In more complex cases of family law in Charlotte, NC, it may be necessary for a client to show evidence of wrongdoing on the part of their spouse. Any kind of documentation that will help a client prove their case should be kept organized and ready to hand over to their attorney for assessment. This may include previous legal paperwork that has been filed, photographs, tax returns, and/or a detailed list of assets and liabilities. 

Avoid Agreeing to Anything Before Speaking With an Attorney

Even if a client and their spouse seem to have an amicable split, it can be a big mistake for one party to trust the other enough to agree to anything in writing without talking it over with an attorney first. Legal terms can be convoluted and tricky to understand when they aren’t thoroughly explained by a legal expert, and clients could easily find themselves conceding to things in error. This is especially significant when it comes to matters involving alimony, child custody and support, and the division of assets.

Following these tips from Emblem Legal will not only help people be an ideal client in situations involving family law in Charlotte, NC, but also prevent them from making mistakes that could have a negative impact on their divorce proceedings.