Trust Your Family’s Legal Problem to the Best Civil Attorneys in Charlotte

Civil Attorneys in Charlotte

Finding the Best Civil Attorneys

Imagine that you and your family have been in a traffic accident involving a large truck. Or, perhaps a loved one has suffered a serious setback due to a doctor’s mistake. Or, maybe a family member is going through a rough divorce and a contentious child custody battle. These are the kinds of legal problems that many people have to deal with, but aren’t equipped to handle. When something like this happens to you, turn to Emblem Legal for assistance. You need the best civil attorneys in Charlotte to help keep things, well, civil.

Our areas of practice concern the very situations that touch almost everyone at some point in time. Our expertise centers on fair and reasonable resolution of the legalities of everyday life – legalities that concern families and work and health and citizenship. We know the law can be confusing and even scary, but we promise to listen closely, research thoroughly, and advise wisely. You can depend on us.

Family law generally involves highly charged emotional times. Whether it’s a separation, a divorce or an annulment that is dividing two people who once loved each other, or the opinions of two deeply hurt people who need to reach agreement about equitable distribution, visitation or child support. These are binding decisions that forever change the life of whichever parent will have legal custody and the one who will have physical custody. These issues are difficult. Only caring and experienced civil attorneys in Charlotte, like the ones at Emblem Legal, can assess situations and offer counsel that is best for everyone involved.

Civil litigation and contract litigation are areas that are totally unfamiliar to the average person. Our lawyers have extensive experience that we bring to bear on your case. From the investigation phase, where we interview people and review documents and gather evidence, through pleadings, where we file formal statements of claims and cross-claims on your behalf, through discovery, where we exchange information with other attorneys and meticulously review them for additional facts, to pre-trial, when we conduct negotiations to resolve the case if possible or prepare to go to court, your Emblem Legal civil attorneys in Charlotte are your best resource and most trusted ally.

Immigration law is perhaps the trickiest for most people, because these laws change with every incoming class of politicians that tries to improve the system. We make it a point to stay informed about current and pending legislation and how major changes and subtle nuances will impact the lives of our clients and their families. We can help with Green Card or Permanent Residence Petitions for Spouses, Parents, Children, and Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens, Green Card or Permanent Residence Petitions for Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents; Naturalization process; Removal or Deportation Proceedings; Adjustment of Status process; as well as Waivers and Visas for Victims of Crime and Battered Spouses.

We are here to assist you in handling these complex matters – let us be your trusted civil attorneys in Charlotte.