Are Child Custody Lawyers Necessary During a Divorce?

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Child Custody Lawyers

Divorce can be an extremely difficult situation, and finding child custody lawyers can make it harder. Anyone involved with a divorce or an impending divorce knows how stressful and destructive the experience can be. This is especially true when there are young children to think about. Kids may not express their feelings, but you can guarantee that on some level the splitting up of their parents is having a negative impact on them.

This is why extra legal help is often necessary and helpful. While divorce lawyers are used for the actual divorce proceedings, there is another kind of person that helps with the issues related to any children, and that is the child custody lawyer.

What Does a Child Custody Lawyer Do?

When a divorce is taking place, many times there is contention between the parents as to what is best for the children. A child custody lawyer works with the interests of the child or children in mind. This lawyer will also help make the process goes smoothly and is as fair for everyone as possible.

Physical and Legal Custody

One of the main reasons to hire this type of lawyer is to help navigate the maze of custody. There are two different types of custody: physical and legal. Usually, physical custody is given to the parent the child will be living with the majority of the time. Legal custody is primarily about making decisions for the child for such things like healthcare or education. It is possible that one parent may have physical custody most of the time, yet both parents share the legal custody. A child custody lawyer will work with both parents to figure out what is best for the child.

Joint, Sole, and Split Custody

Other custody determinations also have to be made for the children. Parents may opt for joint custody, which means that they will both work together to raise the children. One parent or the other also may try to take sole custody.

If there are multiple children, split custody is another possible option, though typically it is not seen as the best solution. This involves splitting up siblings so each parent will have one or more full time.

Generally, courts want parents to come up with their own agreements on the custody of children. If they are unable to, the courts will have to do it, and the parents will have to live with the result. This is why hiring experienced child custody lawyers is so important. They can make sure decisions are fair and also work out the details on matters such as child support and visitation rights.

If you will soon be going through a divorce and have children, it is crucial that you seek the right legal guidance. Emblem Legal can help. Our lawyers have years of experience with child custody cases, and we will work with you to figure out an amiable solution and make sure your kids are put in the best possible situation.