Consulting a Family Attorney in Charlotte, NC for Marriage and Relationships

Finding a Family Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Family law covers a wide range of relationships and the issues associated with them. A family attorney in Charlotte NC can help determine the rights and benefits available to a couple in any of these circumstances. Here are some explanations regarding the legal implications surrounding common relationships.


Marriage is a legal status given to a couple by the state. Same-sex marriage has been a legal option in North Carolina since October 2014. Marriage offers many rights, obligations, and protections at both the state and federal level and is usually recognized nationally and internationally. Some of these rights include tax benefits, life insurance benefits, immigration benefits, and federal benefits, such as social security and medical insurance. Consulting with a family attorney in Charlotte NC before marriage will help you understand the benefits and avoid difficulties in the event that the marriage should dissolve.

Prenuptial Agreements

Some couples decide to enter into a contract before marriage. A prenuptial agreement is an example where a couple specifies how their property, income, expenses, and debts would be divided should the marriage dissolve. Prenuptial agreements often include clauses that protect separate property from the other’s debt, specify responsibilities of each spouse and how disputes are to be resolved.

A family attorney in Charlotte NC can make sure the agreement is lawful and fair. Prenuptial agreements are usually enforceable, but there are some restrictions. Prenuptial agreements can’t be used to evade the law, end or restrict child support or visitation rights, encourage divorce, or violate public laws. It is recommended that a family law attorney represent each party. A family attorney in Charlotte NC can help structure the agreement and settle any disputes.

Civil Union

A civil union grants a legal status to couples that is the same or nearly as equal to that of marriage. Civil union rights only apply at the state level. Benefits given by the federal government such as tax or social security benefits may not be available to civil union couples. There are only a few states that recognize this union; North Carolina is not one of them.

Domestic Partnerships

A domestic partnership is a relationship between two persons living together in a committed relationship, but not joined by marriage or civil union.  A domestic partnership may grant couples eligibility for some of the same benefits, rights, and privileges offered to married couples. North Carolina does not recognize this type of relationship on the state level. Businesses and municipal governments are permitted to offer such benefits. Some municipalities extend benefits or maintain a registry such as the towns of Carborro and Chapel Hill. A family attorney in Charlotte NC can determine the benefits available to couples in this relationship.

Immigration Marriage

Creating an immigration marriage can be a very lengthy and complex process, because the parties are dealing with both immigration and family law.  A good family attorney in Charlotte NC will be well versed in both areas. With an immigration marriage, a non-citizen gains U.S. citizenship through marrying an American citizen. The immigrant spouse enters the country through a fiancé visa or a permanent visa. There are also a number of requirements for entry into the U.S., including having a sponsor. The U.S. government wants the marriage to actually take place and not be used as a way to enter the United States. A family attorney in Charlotte NC can properly guide you through the laws and regulations for an immigrant marriage.

When it comes to marriage and other types of relationships, it is in your best interest to know your rights and the protections available. If you are dealing with any of these issues or experiencing difficulties, consulting a family attorney in Charlotte NC can help you navigate the laws and regulations in place. We at Emblem Legal are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of family law. Contact us today for a consultation.