The Importance of Establishing "Custody"

Importance of Child Custody in Charlotte NC

Establishing custody after a separation or divorce is critical for both parents and children. It is also a complicated process so it is important that you consult with the qualified family law attorneys at Emblem Legal, in Charlotte NC. You never want to assume your ex is always going to do what you want, and it is highly likely that they won’t. If you want a fair custody regime it is best to have that outlined before any battles begin. A child custody order specifies when a child is to be with each parent and how time will be divided for holidays, birthdays, and vacations. This order should also address visitation details like how the parents will handle the transportation of their child between home and extracurricular activities. It is essentially a set of enforceable instructions on the care of your child after separation. Developing a secure routine is in your child’s best interest and effectively will make you a better parent.

What are your rights without a Custody order?

Until the court issues a ruling on custody each parent has co-equal rights to the physical possession of a child. If there is no custody order or pending custody case, then it is hard to prevent a parent from taking a child. If one parent takes the child without permission, the other parent will have limited legal options to enforce his/her custody rights. In almost all cases the police will not get involved if one parent takes the child without permission. Therefore, child custody orders are very important because it affirms your rights as a parent. Without them, you are risking a confrontation with your child's parent and weeks or months before you can get into court to fix it.

Establishing custody also assists in determining the amount of child support to be paid. Depending on the type of custody you are granted, the Court will determine the appropriate amount of child support you are to pay or receive. This takes the uncertainty and any bickering out of the equation— for the most part.

Putting together rules and regulations for yourself and your ex will alleviate much of the stress that comes along with divorce and the inevitable custody battle. Last but not least, establishing custody helps you to more effectively co-parent.

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