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Finding Charlotte Family Lawyers

Family law is a deeply rewarding field for those of us at Emblem Legal. We recognize that you come to us when your lives are the most out-of-control and you are scared, confused and hurt. You trust us to help you through the legal maze and develop the most reasonable and fair solutions possible. We take our responsibilities as your trusted family lawyers in Charlotte very seriously.

Are you involved in, or seriously thinking about, separation, divorce or annulment? Are you grappling with issues surrounding equitable distribution or spouse support? Do you need advice and assistance with decisions about child support or visitation or legal and physical custody? As highly trained and experienced family lawyers in Charlotte, we at Emblem Legal are here to partner with you at every step through the complicated process. We will worry about the legal details so you can concentrate on healing your family.

Here are a few things your family lawyers in Charlotte think you should know.

Divorce from Bed and Board

A divorce from bed and board requires one party to be held responsible for the end of the marriage and the other spouse to be innocent. However, even though the parties are legally separated, they remain married and are not free to remarry. This can be an option when religious beliefs prohibit divorce or when the guilty spouse refuses to leave, for example. Grounds for divorce from bed and board can only be one of the following:

  • Abandonment

  • Malicious eviction of an innocent spouse

  • Cruel or barbaric treatment that endangers a spouse

  • Indignities that make a spouse’s life intolerable

  • Excessive use of alcohol or drugs

  • Adultery

Absolute Divorce

An absolute divorce completely nullifies the marriage and it no longer exists. The involved spouses go from a status of married to one of being single.

To obtain an absolute divorce, the parties must live apart for at least a calendar year plus one day with the intent of ending the marriage and never living together again. At least one of the spouses must have resided in the state for at least six months. No one is required to be at fault.

Annulment in North Carolina

An annulment means the marriage never legally existed, that it was void from the start, due to something that existed before the marriage took place. Grounds for annulment in North Carolina are:

  • Bigamy

  • Incest

  • Impotency

  • Underage

  • Incompetence or Insanity

  • Fraud

  • Duress

  • Undue Influence

If you are contemplating any of these situations, or are just extremely unhappy and have questions about what your options may be, please call Emblem Legal to discuss it. We know the law and we have helped many families through such devastating times. We will be your trusted family lawyers in Charlotte throughout the entire process.