Why You Need a Charlotte Divorce Lawyer

Charlotte Divorce attorney

Divorce is an emotional process you shouldn’t undertake alone. During this trying time, you need the support of an experienced Charlotte divorce attorney. A firm like Emblem Legal will guide you through the complex steps. You need an experienced attorney who can answer your questions and carry the legal burden for you.

You may question whether you actually need to hire an attorney. When faced with a divorce, you may also have to deal with other issues related to the dissolution of your marriage. The complicated nature of a divorce requires a lawyer to be well versed in many aspects of family law. With this in mind, there are several circumstances in which you definitely want a lawyer working on your behalf.

Your Spouse Has Hired a Lawyer

You never want to go into a situation at a disadvantage. It is the same with divorce proceedings. It will probably not bode well for you to go against a seasoned lawyer by yourself. The complexity of divorce cases means the opportunity for mistakes is high. Although there is paperwork provided by the courts, there may be issues with completing them. If forms are not completed properly, filed by the deadline date, or there is inadequate documentation, these issues could delay your divorce proceedings.

Negotiation is Off the Table

The emotional nature of divorce many times clouds judgment for either or both parties. You may find it difficult to come to an agreement with your spouse concerning any issues related to the divorce. This situation is common in relationships where there is a history of abuse or substance abuse. Not only can the lawyer help you negotiate, but also arrange for protection for you and your children if needed. A vindictive or dishonest spouse may not be willing to fairly negotiate. A competent lawyer can protect your best interests.

Need Specialized Knowledge

An attorney experienced in family law will have the knowledge to navigate complex issues often found in divorce cases. If you and your spouse have children together, you will most likely need to address issues concerning child custody and support. Decisions need to be made regarding which parent will be charged with the care, financial support and decision making for the child. Alimony is another issue often raised in divorce cases. Which spouse should pay and how much? If there is property from the marriage involved, it needs to be divided among the parties. These are issues that cause many disagreements in divorce cases. With a lawyer on your side, you will have someone fighting for your rights.

The Charlotte Divorce Lawyer for You

The difficulty of divorce cases is often more complicated by not having all of the answers about the process. By enlisting the help of a Charlotte divorce lawyer, Emblem Legal, you will get the answers you need. With our expertise, we can help you look out for your best interests and end with the settlement you deserve. We work diligently to obtain a favorable outcome to your divorce, including issues concerning child custody, alimony, and equitable distribution of property. Contact Emblem Legal in Charlotte NC today to schedule a consultation.