Are You in Need of Family Law Attorneys?

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Finding Family Law Attorneys

If you are going through some tough family times and are thinking about a separation or a possible divorce, it is probably in your best interest to get some legal advice. If things are still undecided, for the time being you may not need to speak to a lawyer. However, if both you and your spouse agree that the marriage cannot be saved, it is vital that you look for family law attorneys.

Finding the Right Lawyer

For a divorce or child custody matter, choosing the right family law attorney is important. In order to find a lawyer perfectly suited for your situation, here are the steps you should take:

Do Your Research

With the internet at your disposal, it is not difficult to get information about lawyers. You should look at their websites to see their practice areas, along with their qualifications and experience. Social media profiles can give you some tidbits as well. You should also dig a little deeper to locate any online articles or press releases. In addition, make sure to look at reviews and testimonials. Another good source to help you find a lawyer may be right in front of you.

It is very possible that you have friends or family members who have gone through a similar situation. They should be able to give you honest information about the attorney they worked with. Ask them all about it, including the experience, the fees, and anything else you would like to know.

Visit Several Attorneys

Once you have narrowed your list of family law attorneys down to a handful, you should schedule consultations with all of them. Many lawyers offer free initial consultations, and you should find out about this ahead of time. Before you go to these appointments, write down a list of questions and things that concern you. These should include areas such as:


The lawyers should be upfront about their fees and, if you would need to work out a payment plan, this first meeting is the place to mention it.


While you can probably get a lot of information about qualifications from their website, you should make it a point to ask about them in person. Most importantly, ask them about their experience in situations similar to yours.

Your Case

If you have questions about your case, now is the time to ask them. These may include what tactics will be used and how they will work to get you a favorable outcome.

If divorce is imminent, the worst thing you can do is wait to talk to a lawyer or ignore the fact that you need one. Chances are very good that your spouse is already thinking about looking for family law attorneys, and you need to do so as well. That is why you should get in touch with Emblem Legal, a firm that puts a focus on family law.