​4 Signs You Should Get a Divorce that Aren’t So Obvious


Unless you do not have a TV or Internet connection, you have heard about one of the highest profile Hollywood divorces in recent history. Although Brad and Angelina were only married about two years, they were perhaps the most elite celebrity couple for the last decade. And to most people, they appeared to have a storybook marriage that would last forever.

Unfortunately, these days when it comes to a marriage, “forever” is a rarity. If your marriage is going through hard times, you know all about this. Often the toughest choice to make is whether things can be fixed or they are broken forever. It can certainly be an agonizing decision, but it might already be made for you if you notice these signs you should get a divorce:

You spend much less time together

You and your spouse may have busy lives, but you should want to spend a good portion of your free time with each other. If one or both of you are just not making the effort to do this, something is wrong. One of the biggest signs you should get a divorce is when you frequently find yourselves doing things solo while you are both at home.

You always put the kids first

This may not sound like a problem, but when all of the energy is put into the children and there is nothing left for each other, that is one of the major signs you should get a divorce. What happens when the kids leave home? You and your spouse may discover that you barely know one another anymore.

You focus more on other couples than your own marriage

Comparisons can be killers. If you are constantly looking at the marriages of your friends or family and wondering why they are so much better than yours, this is one of the signs you should get a divorce. This says that you are more concerned about other people instead of focusing on – and trying to mend – your own relationship.

You have stopped caring about the little things

Do you remember in the early stages of your relationship when you would ask your spouse what he or she was thinking or feeling? If it has been a long time since you did that – or even care what the answer is – this is one of the main signs you should get a divorce. If this type of exchange or conversation seems pointless, you have already checked out of the marriage.

Pay Attention to these Signs You Should Get a Divorce

Some signs you should get a divorce – such as adultery or drug abuse – are obvious, but others may be much more subtle. When divorce is inevitable, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who will work with your interests in mind. At Emblem Legal, we understand how stressful and emotional a divorce can be, and we will help you make the right decisions that are best for you and your family. When you can no longer ignore the signs you should get a divorce, just get in touch with our caring and compassionate lawyers.