Top 3 Considerations When Choosing a Family Law Attorney


Even when there is no doubt it’s the right decision, divorce is never easy for anyone involved. Unfortunately, it’s rare for a couple going through a separation of marriage to come to agreeable terms of the divorce on their own. That’s where a family law attorney is usually called to step in. Having an attorney present can help calm things down between the two parties and expedite what is often a long, drawn-out process.

Emblem Legal understands how important it is for the outcome of your case to choose a reliable and experienced family law attorney when the time comes. The following considerations are meant to guide you in the right direction when trying to make your selection.

Well-Versed in Family Law 

The first point to think about is that not every attorney will have the specific kind of legal background you need. You may know or have heard about a great criminal defense lawyer, but that’s not who you would want taking care of your divorce. The family law attorney you decide to work with should have a practice dedicated to matters that relate directly to this field and a proven track record of handling cases similar to your own. They must also be familiar with the most current laws pertaining to divorce petitions. In addition, it’s a good idea to find out what kind of approach a family law attorney takes to win their cases, so that you know you will be comfortable with the way your case is handled.

Compassion For Sensitive Matters 

As mentioned above, divorce is a sensitive topic and difficult to go through, no matter the surrounding circumstances. It can make a substantial difference in the stress you feel during the proceedings if you have a family law attorney that you really feel comfortable opening up to. In this particular type of situation, having a lawyer that’s a little more on the compassionate side, instead of intimidating, may be what you want. However, it’s still essential for your family law attorney to be honest with you as well, which may mean telling you some things you don’t want to hear in the best interest of your case. Making sure you remain realistic about the situation, rather than making promises that can’t be kept, is the sign of a trustworthy lawyer.

Maturity in Handling Complicated Affairs 

If you are leaving a marriage that has produced children and has complex affairs that need to be sorted out, things automatically become a bit more challenging. It’s easy to make rash decisions and say things you don’t really mean when going through a divorce, but your family law attorney should remain objective despite your emotions running high. This will allow them to bring a good balance of peacemaking and problem-solving attributes to the table. They need to think clearly about everything from your alimony and child custody arrangements to how the assets will be divided. Using this maturity to handle complicated affairs will help your family law attorney get you closer to accomplishing your goals in the divorce.

During this strenuous time, a family law attorney from Emblem Legal will help you find a resolution that you can feel good about, so that you can begin to move on into the next chapter of your life.