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Family law attorneys know that the area of “family law” encompasses highly stressful domestic relation events.  When your private life is enduring dissolution for whatever reasons, family law attorneys also know that you don’t need the burden of trying to understand legalities to distract you from caring for yourself and your loved ones.

The family law attorneys at Emblem Legal are highly trained, widely experienced, and uniquely qualified to handle annulments, separation agreements, equitable distribution, alimony, and divorces, as well as custody, visitation schedules and child support arrangements. We will help you make the most reasonable decisions that are most beneficial for your family.

Breaking up a family is one of the most heart-wrenching decisions human beings have to endure. At Emblem Legal, our family law attorneys want to help you survive it the best you can. Here are suggestions before you take any definitive action:

  • Consult a marriage counselor or trusted professional advisor. Even if your marriage cannot be saved, such counseling will help both of you understand why this has happened, how to emotionally cope with the new circumstances, and what to do to live successfully going forward.

  • Consult a firm of family law attorneys. Divorce laws are complex and hard for a layperson to understand, especially when coping with all the emotions surrounding a break-up. Getting as much pertinent information as you can will help you make better decisions during the process. Family law attorneys will advise you about:

  • Leaving the family home without a viable reason

  • Confessing to, or accusing your spouse of, adultery

  • Protecting assets, including furniture, vehicles, cash and collectibles

  • Freezing or closing credit accounts and blocking access to bank accounts

  • Changing responsible parties on utility and other bills

Divorce in North Carolina

Family law attorneys know that North Carolina is a no-fault state. This means that the only prerequisites necessary to obtain a divorce is (1) one of you is a resident of the state and (2) you and your spouse have been separated at least a year. No one has to prove that the break-up is anyone’s fault, but certain behaviors will impact how property is divided, custody is awarded, and alimony is distributed.

When the year of separation is attained, and at least one spouse has been a North Carolina resident for at least six months, then either person can obtain an “absolute divorce.” This means that a legal divorce is granted, even if family law attorneys have not yet finalized custody and property distribution and other issues.

Another legal arrangement is a “divorce from bed and board,” which is not actually a divorce but is a legal separation based on one or more extenuating factors. These include abandonment or forced evacuation, domestic violence, alcoholism or drug abuse and adultery.

The family law attorneys at Emblem Legal can guide you through any step of the complicated legal process that is divorce.