Emblem Legal Has the Family Law Attorney You Need

Family Law Attorneys in North Carolina

If you are going through a divorce, who do you want by your side to give you the best advice about finances and property division? A top-notch family law attorney, right? If you are negotiating child support and custody, who will you need to gather evidence and secure testimony on your behalf? An accomplished family law attorney, of course. What if you are injured in a wreck that is someone else’s fault? Or you are hurt in an accident at your job? Or a medical professional makes the wrong diagnosis or is negligent in treatment? You will most certainly want a skilled, experienced family law attorney to handle the legal details for you. At Emblem Legal, we ready to be that family law attorney, the one you turn to for sensible advice, knowledgeable preparation, expert negotiation, skillful litigation, or any legal action you may need.


When your marital partnership is going through the turmoil of an annulment, a separation or a divorce, emotions are high, nerves are raw and judgment is marred by hurt feelings. An experienced family law attorney from Emblem Legal will bring an objective view to the table and help guide all involved parties through decisions that will serve each person best. Whether it is division of assets, sharing of debts, or spousal support, these agreements will affect your lives for years to come. Don’t you want them to be the most beneficial agreements possible?


When you are discussing arrangements for children – whether it is physical custody, legal custody, visitation schedules, or monthly support – a thoughtful, rational family law attorney can keep conversations centered on what is the very best outcome for each child. A family law judge is going to make final decisions based on the interests and welfare of the child. Wouldn’t it be best for all concerned if family members had already taken these guiding principles to heart and come to mutual agreement beforehand?

Injury or Death

When accidents happen, and you are overwhelmed with medical decisions or loss of income or grief, an accomplished family law attorney is in position to take on the insurance company or employer or healthcare professional or medical facility while you concentrate on coping with other life decisions and arrangements. We will collect evidence, interview involved persons, identify expert witnesses, negotiate pre-trial agreements and present cases in court as your educated advocate. Your energy can be focused on the people in your life, while we focus on the legal details. 

Each family law attorney within Emblem Legal is ready to stand up for you during the times when you may be hurt or weary or distraught or scared and just unable to think clearly about the myriad of details that will bombard you after a trauma or catastrophe. Let us take on that responsibility for you. We will be the family law attorney whom you can trust with your family’s future.