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We understand that this can be an emotional and confusing time, and nothing is more important than the well-being of you and your family. 

To help you in your research, our firm has created this resource center to provide clarity on North Carolina Divorce issues you may face. We hope you find this information useful, and if you are looking for attorneys who care and can provide real solutions, then we would be proud to have you. Contact us today.

Common Questions:

  • Divorce

  • Separation Agreements

  • Equitable Distribution

  • Visitation

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Support

  • Annulments

Considering a divorce in North Carolina?

This can be a confusing and emotional time. Divorce and family law proceedings can be one of the most traumatic and stressful situations most people face.

With the emotional strains involved in the process, it can be difficult to make rational and objective decisions regarding your proceedings. Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced attorney who will shoulder your legal burden to give you the room you need to address your family’s emotional needs.The difficulty of these issues is often more complicated by not having all of the answers about this process. Part of our expertise enables us to assist you looking out not only for your interests, but the interests of those most important to you. Take a look at our divorce resources to learn more. 

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No two cases are identical and the process will vary depending upon your needs, but typically the process is as follows:

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

This gives us an opportunity to hear all the issues you have with the case. After speaking to prospective clients we can help find claims that they never thought about.

Settlement Negotiations

We start by attempting to settle matters out of court as this will help everyone save time and money. Our goal is to quickly get you the best result possible, without breaking the bank.


Court ordered mediation is required in most family law cases. However if all you have is a simple divorce then it is most likely not going to apply to your case.

Litigation & Ruling

We do our best to avoid litigation on your behalf, but if it comes to that we will be ready to zealously advocate for your interests. You couldn't find better attorneys to be by your side.


Get answers to common questions on North Carolina divorce issues with these free resources below:

What is Alienation of Affection?

In the simplest terms, alienation of affection involves a wrongful act by a third party that deprives a married person of the affection, love, comfort, and companionship of his or her spouse.

How to Divorce from Bed and Board

In North Carolina, there are 2 types of divorce: (1) Divorce From Bed and Board and (2) Absolute Divorce. An absolute divorce erases the marital contract so that they are no longer married.

 What is Criminal Conversation?

Criminal conversation is another word for adultery. Unlike alienation of affection, criminal conversation cause of action can only be brought against the third party.

 What are Grounds for Absolute Divorce in North Carolina?

The previous article discussed a divorce from bed and board. Here, we discuss the various grounds for an absolute divorce in North Carolina.

 What State Do I File in for Child Custody?

Jurisdictional issues are complex and sometimes difficult to understand. NC has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA).

 Can My Marriage be Annulled in North Carolina?

The media often make it seem like an annulment is an easy process, but the process in North Carolina is quite different.

 FAQ: Child Custody and Child Support in North Carolina

Learn answers to commonly asked questions at our office, including joint custody, determination, modifications and visitation rights.

 What Are the Defenses to Annulling a Marriage in NC?

This article will explore the defenses to annulment in North Carolina, as well as the legal effects of annulment and what happens to the property and money accumulated during the marriage.

 How to Get a Divorce When One of the Spouses is in the Military

If you are trying to obtain a divorce in North Carolina and you are a member of the military, it is understandable to be concerned about the residency requirements for divorce.

What Are the Legal Effects of Annulment in North Carolina?

After the court grants an annulment, the rights and obligations of the ex-spouses can be unclear until one of the parties seeks the help of the court or there is a premarital agreement.

 How Can I Protect Myself from Domestic Violence in North Carolina?

If you and/or your children are victims of domestic violence, you need to understand that there are several ways to protect yourself and your family within the legal system.

What Can I Do if My Spouse is Cheating or Cheated on Me?

This issue is often the reason that couples separate and seek a divorce. People getting a divorce often inquire about “cheating lawsuits” and “affair lawsuits”.