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Family Law

Divorce and family law proceedings can be one of the most traumatic and stressful situations most people face. With the emotional strains involved in the process, it can be difficult to make rational and objective decisions regarding your proceedings. Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced attorney who will shoulder your legal burden to give you the room you need to address your family’s emotional needs.

The difficulty of these issues is often more complicated by not having all of the answers about this process. Part of Emblem Legals expertise enables us to assist you looking out not only for your interests, but the interests of those most important to you. Call us today in Charlotte, NC at (704) 248-7683 and let us help you with all of these areas: Divorce, Separation Agreements, Equitable Distribution, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, or Annulments.

For more information, visit NC Divorce Resource Center.

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Child Custody

There are two types of Child Custody in North Carolina.

Physical Custody is literally where your children are physically living—just like it sounds. Physical Custody can be defined in many ways and may vary from family to family. There is no standard parenting schedule. Consider your children’s needs and routines that have been established for them. Consider your roles in their lives. “Every other weekend” may not work in your family. Our law firm is happy to explore these options with you.

Legal Custody is who makes decisions for your children. If your oldest child needs braces or you have decided to change your family’s religious preference, can you make that decision for your children without the other parent’s consent? This type of decision-making power, along with issues such as which parent will decide the children’s educational future is known as legal custody.

In the course of your life, you have probably heard a lot about “joint” vs. “sole” custody. These terms can be confusing for even the most advanced litigant, and as with most things in family law, there is no set legal definition for either of these terms. However, there are certain standards by which an experienced family law attorney can help guide you.

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For more information on child custody issues in North Carolina, visit NC Divorce Resource Center.

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Civil Litigation

At Emblem Legal we are trial attorneys who enjoy the challenge of the courtroom. Our attorneys are experienced and well tested. When other avenues to resolve a dispute have failed, we are prepared to aggressively pursue judicial relief in the courts or defend any claims brought against our clients. These matters are complex and need careful attention, luckily for you, that’s our job.

We focus in most areas of civil litigation from business litigation to individual civil lawsuits.